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Hi Im Lou, a new mum and the founder of Sa Vie Skin Spa. Our business situated in a beautiful, iconic Melbourne brick Victorian home in a residential street, so you feel at home the minute you walk in.( The business is above the house and completely separate. )
We are a small team of highly trained, dedicated and caring humans who love what we do.

Louisa Noble

Environmental consciousness and community are very important to me and are the unpinning values of my little business.

All treatments have been researched and curated to deliver the best results whilst being gentle on the environment., and packed with all the spa style extras I can fit in.

I have been working in the industry for almost 15 years, since doing my Advanced Diploma of Applied Aesthetics ( which cross credited for first year nursing as we sat the same anatomy and physiology tests ) in CHC, New Zealand...and boy has it changed in that time. We now do a lot of cutting edge skin stuff.

My interest and further study is the skin, the science of it and how it works holistically. It is the biggest organ of your body, after all and tells you so much about whats going on. You can really read about someones health when we deep dive into it. It just blows my mind how the skin, brain and gut are all linked, then throw in hormones too. Anyway I could talk about this for ages so I'll leave it here!

Thank you for your support and being part off our little community XX

Our Environment Commitment and Ethical Initiatives

We believe in creating an ethical space in all aspects of our skin and beauty practices from the products and linen we choose to our commitment to supporting ethnic and gender diversity and body non conformity in the beauty industry.

We acknowledge the custodians of this land — current, past and emerging — and that this always was, always will be Aboriginal land and aim to treat it with the respect it deserves, through our sustainable practise

Our Products

All our products are natural and organic, vegan and cruelty free. Small batch made in Australia to reduce waste and carbon footprint. All packaging is glass where possible and all is recyclable.

We only use 100% natural fibres in our treatment rooms, except for some of the vintage chairs which have vinyl coverings. We feel strongly about the consequences of microfibres of synthetic fibres in the oceans and our waterways especially with the amount of washing we do! You will find the room decked out in 100% pure cottons and linens... in winter our snuggly bedding is pure quilted merino wool. 

We recently invested in a heat pump dryer which uses less power to dry the washing, it also collects the water which we then use to water the plants which are scattered through the premises, enhancing air quality.

We recycle all our packaging and have just set up compost for the bamboo facial wipes, make up rounds etc. We are conscious of every product we choose from the bamboo and cotton, cotton tips (no plastic here) to the FSC certified sustainable rosins and resins in our waxes.

We make sure our products and ingredients come from ethical fair trade commerce and companies. Our power and gas is both carbon neutral green power and our cleaning products are natural and grey water safe where possible.

Our staff super is invested with ethical super companies and we are currently researching more ethical banks. Oh and we just switched to turkish and thinner towels even tho we love the thick lush ones as we were doing a load of washing and drying every facial .... thats a massive 64 litres of water and 2 hours of drying power a facial... now we do one load of each for 3 or 4 depending on which they are!

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