Fat Cavitation Body Contouring

This cosmetic, no pain, no downtime procedure utilizes ultrasound to burst your fat bubbles, its then moved on to the lymphatic system to filter and excrete and the skin is firmed and tightened with the magic of radio frequency.

This isn't a weight loss treatment but body shaping, its perfect for removing soft jelly fat that exercise and diet finds hard to shift such as around the belly button, love handles, inner thighs and tops of the arms...  and can be the saviour you need if your special dress won't do up in the waist before an event.

To see best results a treatment area is around A5 ( you can go up to A$ with less dramatic results )but we blend areas in to make sure we are creating the best shape we can. For maximum changes a course of treatments weekly for at least 6 weeks is recommended but you can see below how good some of the results are from just one treatment... most people loose between 2 and 5cm a time fo their belly for example... thats 1 to 2 dress sizes! 

Before (left) and after (right) 1 session of Fat Cavitation treatment


After 1 session

Before (left) and after (right) 2 sessions of Fat Cavitation treatment


After 2 sessions

Fat Cavitation

Fat Cavitation

Fat Cavitation treatment to break down fat + optional R.F to tighten and tone plus measurements and photos.

Fat Cavitation and RF f1rst visit ·
One A4 area total
Add extra A5 area +$50 each
2 hours Inc. free sauna after


Treatment only

Fat Cavitation and RF repeat visit
One A4 area total
Add extra A5 area +$50 each
50 min  (free saunas when you buy a pack of 6)


Fat Cavitation is also part of our Beauty Boot Camp

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Does it Hurt ?
Nope, not at all ! There is an annoying high pitched squeaky sound tho' that intensifies when you go near bone. There may be some slight redness after from the heat and friction produced and the RF after.

What do I Need to do to Prep and is there Aftercare?
This treatment works best on well hydrated cells ( so coming in after a big boozy night and a few coffees is not ideal ). We recommend increasing your water intake to 2 or 3 litres a day for the 3 days prior and drinking 1 litre in the hour before your appointment.
After care ... well, you need to help your body flush it out... we break it down, YOU move it on. So keep with the water intake, eat a healthy diet and most importantly do some exercise everyday, even two 20 min brisk walks.... and no alcohol. For the three days following treatment your body is working in overdrive to flush out the fat cells ( which hold the toxic build up in your body )... this is why we recommend having an infrared sauna directly after and possibly one again on day 3 !

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