Skin Ritual Facials

Life is tough ... sometimes. Sometimes we just need some time out to chill and forget about the everyday world, to slow down and stop the voices in the head and just be. These classic facials, designed with your relaxation in mind and are filled with touch and sensory details to make you feel like you are floating on a cloud, to calm and centre your being, to hold space for yourself whilst giving your skin a bit of a pick me up.

All these facials begin with an aromatherapy foot soak, facial steam and some simple breath work to help you let go, come back into your body and make the most of your experience.Your therapist doesn't leave the room in these facials they are all about you, all the time.

Book in for the skin ritual experience to bring out your inner Goddess (or God).

Little Ritual

Especially designed for those on the go who need a quick relaxing skin pick me up. Perfect to add to your monthly waxing beauty routine.

A double cleanse is performed to thoroughly clean the skin, followed by a manual exfoliation to gently remove dead cells from the skins surface. A mini pressure point massage is then performed to quickly alleviate tired eyes and stress before a mask is applied and left to do its wonders. This is followed by a serum  to target your skins needs and moisturiser  and eye cream is then applied.

45 min


book you time

Ritual Spa

This is the full facial experience, for those who need a bit more pampering. This facial contains all the luxurious extras to help melt your stress away whilst leaving your skin radiant.

First we start with a double cleanse to remove make up and impurities from the skin, followed by a manual exfoliation, an enzymatic exfoliator is then used to gently remove even more of the dead cells from the skins surface. A hot aromatherapy steam is then applied followed by a soothing deluxe massage to the face, neck, shoulders arms and scalp aiding  deep relaxation. This is followed by a hydrojelly treatment mask and left to work its wonders whilst you continue to relax with more massage.Topped off with a serum suited to your skin, moisturiser and eye cream.

1 hour


75 min


For those wanting even more pampering.

Hand and arm massage or
Foot and leg massage removed with hot towels


Scrub and massage also available.

book you time

Little Treatments, Big Add Ons


This is where we re steam and skillfully remove the blockages from your skin. Followed by an antibacterial treatment which protects the skin and helps reduce inflammation.

15 min



Peels can work on many skin issues, helping break down pigmentation and fine lines to reducing and calming acne.
Add a peel on to your facial to see impressive results

BHA add on



Microdermabrasion is another great option to treat pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and black heads.  Not suitable for cystic acne

Add on


By itself


LED Light Therapy

Add on



For those wanting even more pampering

Hand and arm massage or
Foot and leg massage removed with hot towels


Scrub and massage also available.

Skin Analysis

For those wanting even more sick of buying products that don't suit your skin?
Book in for an expert  skin analysis with our skincare specialist . We will preform and in depth evaluation of you skin and the contributing factors, advise you on what diet and lifestyle changes would help improve it, and design a skincare routine just for you with a product prescription.

30 min


Redeemable against purchase.

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