RF Skin Firming and Plumping

Simply put RF is a pain free way to stimulate collagen production and its associated firming and plumping benefits using the power of heat, whilst also tightening lax skin. With RF you heat the tissues using a bipolar wand to between 39 and 41 degrees to stimulate maximum collagen production which feels like a hot stone massage. This treatment also increases the production of new blood vessels which in turn creates better lymph drainage and toxin removal whilst oxygenating the skin for maximum health, making this a perfect add on with PRIN for max skin health.


Does it Hurt?
FR treats the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and also tightening sagging skin. It optimises skin health through oxygenation and detoxification too.Results compound for 3 to 6 months post treatment but it gives you an instant lift and glow before special events.

How Often can I do This?
Rf can be added to your monthly or bi-weekly facials to maximise results or performed as a stand alone treatment with LED to maximise result on a weekly basis depending on your treatment plan and timeframe.

What Skin is it Suitable For?
RF is colourblind, meaning it is not attracted to the melanin ( pigment in the skin ) so it is suitable for all skin types. That said, it does push heat into the skin which can cause o risk of PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in dark skins ) Skins a fitz 4 and above will require skin prep with LED and home care products prior to starting treatment.

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