LED is a relatively new and advanced way to treat basically all skin concerns painlessly and with no downtime. It works by allowing different colour lights to penetrate the skin activating responses in the cells.

The lights work at different NMNIs which show up as colours, each colour targets a different concern and elicits a different response in the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

There are some contraindications such as some autoimmune disorders and photosentising medications, so we will do an online consult to check suitability prior to treatment. Request a consult

Red LED: Healing and Youth

Red LED is most commonly used for anti ageing as it increases the fibroblast production of collagen and elastin and increases the ATP in the cells which is basically the energy the cells have to do their job. Red LED before services such as needling increase the results as the cells are activated pre treatment.Red is also a healing colour due to these cellular benefits.

Blue LED: Acne and Inflammation

Blue LED kills the P.Acne bacteria responsible for inflamed breakouts. Its also anti inflammatory another useful tool in the fight against acne.

Purple LED: Acne and Healing

Purple is usually our acne go to .... why? It helps kill acne bacteria and calm the skin, whilst the red light in the rays increases the healing speed and ability of the skin.

Yellow LED: Calming, Filtering, Healing

What can we say ... yellow is one of our personal favourites as it does pretty much everything to some degree and is perfect for sun damaged skins ... so common even in young people here. Yellow calms the diffused redness of rosacea and sun damage, resulting in less sensitive and flushing skin.It works on uneven pigment often again from the sun, creates collagen ( but less than the red powerhouse) and helps drain the lymphatic system and acne under the skin. This spectrum has worked wonders on things such as sunburn too. Love, love, love!

Green LED: Capillaries and Pigmentation

Green is again a great go to.. it works more on the broken capillaries as opposed to diffused redness and is perfect for melasma, deep dermal pigment and hormonal pigment esp on darker skin tones.

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Can All Skin Types Use LED?
Yes, it is safe on all skin tones. We do have to be careful with darker tones and some wavelengths primarily blue and NIR as regular use on too high a setting for too long can increase PIH risks. That said we know what we are doing!!!

Are there Contraindications?
Yes there are a few contraindications, primarily photosensitising medications ( these will have a green stripe on them ) and some photosensitising autoimmune conditions. Contact us and we will send a consult to check its fine for you to use.

Is it Safe During Pregnancy ?
This is a contentious question, just like shallow skin needling there a machine providers who say yes and no. Mostly the no is due to the fact there haven't been tests on pregnant people and its cautionary rather than anything else, esp as early pregnancy is so tenuous. However it is extremely unlikely to do any damage to your baby by putting some non Uv or radiation light on your face. I personally used it through out my pregnancy to combat hormonal acne and pigmentation, but we will leave the decision up to you after talking to your healthcare provider.

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