Plasma Pen Facelift and Body

When only the best will do! We use the German made, designed and fully accredited Purebeau TRS machine. It uses high frequency, and the nitrogen and oxygen found in the air to create a plasma flash on the surface of the skin, forming a carbonised crust which firms and tightens the surrounding skin whilst inducing collagen creation. There is some downtime from this and pre and post care products required for optimal results, so feel free to contact us to check your suitability.

Detailed before and after Plasma Pen treatment of woman's face, detailed around eyes.



Before and after Plasma Pen treatment of woman's face.



Eyes & forehead

Upper Eyelids


Lower Eye Area


Both Upper and Lower


Crows Feet


Brow Lift


Frown Line between brows


Bunny Line



Top Lip Enhancement Lift


Top Lip Smokers lines


Bottom Lip Wrinkles


Line Both top and Bottom


Cheeks & neck

Mid Face Lift


Naso Labial Lines


Full Face Lift


Neck Lift


​Skin Rejuvenation


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Is this Suitable for all Skin Types?
Unfortunately that's a Hell No. This is only suitable for your light to slight olive skin tones, Fitz 1 to high 3 as the risk of PIH ( post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ) is too high. Sorry to all you dark skinned beauties! Skin must be prepped on the correct prescribed homecare and LED first to maximise results and minimise healing time and unwanted side effects ( such as the aforementioned pigment )

Does it Hurt?
Umm yes quite a bit, which is why we get you to apply numbing cream before coming in.Its basically a bunch of superficial "burns" ( even tho the probe doesn't touch your skin.. that's the plasmatic arc where the magic comes from !) which contracted and proliferate the collagen and tighten the loose skin.
This treatment is one you probably have a ton of questions about and requires serious prep first so please contact us for more information. We also recommend only doing this in the non summer months.

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