Eyes oh Eyes

Give your face some definition and lift with our options for your eyes and lashes and wake up ready to face the world.

We have a selection of eye options packed with all the luxurious little extras to put some swag in your step.

Lash Lift Ritual

  • Double cleanse

  • Aha resurfacing mask

  • Lash lift and tint

  • Clay mask and scalp pressure point massage

  • Serums, day cream, eye cream

1 hour


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Complete Eye Ritual

Add on a brow tint and wax to the decadence

  • Double cleanse

  • Aha resurfacing mask

  • Lash lift and tint

  • Clay mask and scalp pressure point massage

  • Brow tint and wax

  • Serums, day cream, eye cream

1.25 hours


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Brow Ritual

  • Double cleanse

  • Brow tint

  • Aha resurfacing mask

  • Brow sculpt

  • Clay mask and massage

  • Serums, day cream, eye cream

45 min


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Eyebrow Sculpt*

An eyebrow sculpt is for when absolutely perfect brows or  a complete reshape is required. We talk over with you what style of brow you like, then analyze your face shape features and the brows we have to work with and go from there. Often areas will be required to be left to grow if the wrong shape or over plucking has previously been done. Getting the perfect brows can take some time, but it is well worth it.
In a full brow sculpture, we reshape your brows, wax, tweeze and trim them to perfection. Then show you how to wear them. It is best if you can grow your brows for at least a month before this treatment.


Eyebrow Wax*

An eyebrow wax is when you already have your shape and a wax is all thats required to keep them in shape or if you aren't  too fussed about immaculate brows.


Lash Lift

Lift your natural lashes to up your eye game easily, create curled lashes that last over 6 to 8 weeks.We use the best quality lifting and setting lotions on the market, in a single shot process, with individual sachets per client to guarantee the best results and most hygienic treatment suitable for sensitive eyes!


Brow & Lash Tints*

Tinting can really bring out your features and make the best of your eyes, especially for those with fair lashes and brows. It can give luscious eyelashes where previously it appeared there was none and thicken thin brows by tinting the fine blonde, or grey hairs. Perfect for mums who don't have time for make up and for summer beach time where makeup won't stay.

Brow tint


Lash tint


Brow and lash tint


Brow tint, lash tint and brow wax


Brow tint, lash tint and brow sculpt


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*Please note brow waxes, sculpts and tints are only available as add ons to other services, We don't take bookings less than half an hour.

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