Spa Waxing

Relax in our beautiful calming rooms, on fresh soft linen and towels whilst we do your waxing, no yucky plastic and paper here because you deserve the best Kween.

Our scrumptious hot was is laden with ethically sourced shea and cocoa butter to give you gentlest most luxurious waxing experience whilst removing all those unwanted hairs. Our strip wax is Australian made 100% natural and the pine rosins are from FSC certified forests. We maximise the use of our strip to minimize the impact on the environment ... no double dipping or wax reusing here... just ethical, hygienic and scrupulous waxing all finished off with certified organic, sustainable coconut oil... heavenly...

All waxing bookings over an hour come with a complementary face mask and aromatherapy hot towel removal (if appropriate) to complete your waxing ritual.

Popular waxing services

1/2 leg · inc. feet and toes


3/4 leg · inc. feet and toes


Thigh · to above knee


Full leg · inc. feet and toes


Underarm · strip wax


Hot wax


Bikini X


G-string XX


Brazilian XXX (4 weeks)


Eyebrow wax


Eyebrow sculpture


You can see all other variations and waxing services within the booking button.

We don't charge extra for toes, or bottom if it is part of the area being waxed, ie legs, XX bikini, Brazilian.

Do not wax if any of the following apply

  • You are taking Roaccutane/strong acne medications

  • You are sun burnt

  • You have varicose veins in the  area to be waxed

  • You are diabetic

Please also note that waxing hurts more a few days before and through the first few days of your period so it is best to avoid this time frame if you can.

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