Teeth Whitening

Utilising the Polus® Advanced tooth whitening machine, winner of the US Dental Association and Dental Advisor Awards 9 years in a row, this machine is the best on the market with visible results after one session.

What's our twist? Well keeping of our nasty chemical free ethos we have a 35% bicarb solution compounded for whitening in single use minty fresh syringes removing the use of damaging toxic chemicals.

Teeth Whitening

Suitable for even sensitive teeth this treatment is good for anyone wanting to freshen up their smile.

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Avoidance of coloured foods and drinks for 48 to 72 hours is recommended to maintain and intensify results so no coffees, curries etc. Can be done weekly to achieve desired whiteness.

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Will I See a Difference Straight Away?
Yes, you most certainly will, although it amplifies over the coming days ... so long as you avoid dark staining foods and beverages.

Does it Work on all Teeth?
This treatmentment works best on natural teeth. If you have veneers or other cosmetic dentistry its best to check with your dentist prior to treatment.

Does it Hurt?
No, the solution is super gentle on even the most sensitive teeth. You might feel a bit silly with the plastic ring around your mouth but thats all

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