Beauty Boot Camp

What can we say, grab your bestie and get ready for a makeover beauty circuit style complete with a lush IR sauna.

Beauty Boot Camp

  • Fat Cavitation

  • RF skin tightening

  • Teeth Whitening

  • LED lounge face or body treatment

  • Full Spectrum IR sauna

allow 2.5 hours

$199 ea

*Must be booked with a friend

Go on the waitlist for our weekly circuit group on a Monday or Tuesday night $169. Minimum 6 class sign up.

book you time


What is in this Boot Camp?
All the things to kick start you back to glory post Covid ( sorry to say the C word ).
Fat blasting, skin tightening, teeth whitening, LED to treat facial concerns or like body stretch marks... and an infrared sauna. More information on each element can be found in the FAQ section under Medi.

Who can do This?
This is suitable for all skin tones, however there are some contraindications such as pregnancy, breastfeeding ( needs a sign off from your doctor ) and other things like pacemakers, epilepsy, some forms of Lupus or other autoimmune disorders... a thorough consult will be performed prior to signing up !

How do I Book ?
You can book online with a friend for anytime we are open, or you can go on our waitlist for when we get enough people to run it on a Monday or Tuesday night. Full disclosure I will most likely have my bubs with me as its not our standard work hours atm and we are short staffed if I cant get a sitter.

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